Back when I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  15 years later I have had broken bones, been in wheelchairs for extended periods, been on chemotherapy and experimental drugs and trials.  Through all of this I have persisted. I truly love being outdoors and active.  Now clearly I can not be as active as I once was but a large part of why I started building Monty was to have a comfortable way to reach my destinations.  I have learned through the years what my body can and can not handle and its still changing. 


But I have also learned ways to overcome these things whether its taking small bites at a time out of projects or sometimes just having to say no. Their was a struggle with addiction for many years and January 26th 2018 it has been 15 years.  But with all of that I want to let others know that in this diagnosis while yea...sometimes it just sucks.  But you do not have to give up what you love to do!  DO NOT LET IT WIN.  Keep trying stay active and do what you can.  If I knew now 15 some years ago I would have never slowed down and stopped doing as much as I was because it is a lot harder to get back into it now then it was to keep pushing.  Some things now impossible.  But I will never quit. 


I will fight until I have no more fight left and for that i thank my mom.  She had fought and lost her battle with Lupus 2 years ago after a 15 year battle.  And not once did she give up.  She was tough, sometimes mean, and not always fun to be around.  But I will say she was a stubborn lady who refused to let go and that is what can say I learned from her. Never give in.